Google on the Go Using an Android-Powered Mobile Phone

Who Is This Book For?

I’d love to say that this book [Google on the Go Using an Android-Powered Mobile Phone] is for you, no matter who you are. But no one book could cover the wide range of cell phone users when it comes to discussing a new system.
So, how do you know if this book is for you?
Maybe all you’ve ever used a standard mobile phone for is making phone calls.
Maybe you occasionally send a text message or use your cell phone camera to share pictures with friends. Maybe you’d like to jump ahead to the latest phone software, but you feel a little nervous about that.
If that sounds like you, I’m writing for you.
However, if you’re constantly buying new technologies and skipping the user’s manual, preferring to play with what you’ve purchased and figure it out for yourself, you can still use this book as a handy quick  reference to a feature that you forgot how to configure.
If you’re already planning what software you can write for Android, this probably isn’t the right book.
We give you pointers to some resources to help you write software, but this topic is not discussed in depth.

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